Block Page Proxy Bypass

Disclaimer: There are known issues and limitations with this feature on sites with certain types of embedded video or authentication. We plan to improve the functionality of this feature to a more robust solution. If a specific domain does not fully load, or fails to display certain content, please do not contact support, as this feature is currently as-is until further improvements can be made.

This feature allows an administrator to specify a password that can be used to bypass Filtering Policies. To make sure this feature works with websites over HTTPS, please consider installing our SSL Certificate.

To set this password on a per-Block Page Policy basis, go to Policies -> Block Page (tab) -> Block Block Policy (Edit/Add), Bypass Password (Tab).

When this option is enabled and a password set, a Password link and subsequent input box will appear on block pages.

The user should be redirected to the website accordingly, but the URL will show a DNSFilter URL.

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