How to Migrate From Cisco Umbrella

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If you’re switching from another service, you can follow these steps to get up and running quickly with DNS Filter:

  1. Create a new account with DNSFilter.
  2. Follow the Site Deployment Guide to setup your account. You can configure your Policies and Allow list/Block list to match those of the other DNS filtering service. To find your existing policies in Cisco Umbrella, Navigate to Policies > Management > All Policies.all-policies-2.png
  3. If you plan to send DNS traffic directly, you may configure your site IP addresses for each site. Alternatively, you may be interested in our Relay product, which does not require the WAN IP(s) to be registered with each site.
  4. If the other service uses Roaming Clients, you must first uninstall those before installing the DNSFilter Roaming Clients. We suggest doing this on a test device first, to ensure filtering is operating as expected.

Uninstalling Umbrella Roaming Clients

We have a PowerShell script that can be used to remove the Umbrella Roaming Client from Windows PCs prior to installing DNSFilter. This can also be used in conjunction with an RMM tool, such as Screenconnect.

Here is the link to download our Umbrella Removal PowerShell Script.

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