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The Users panel allows you to create and edit the permissions of users on your account.

At this time, the Dashboard supports the following user types:

  • Owner - Full account permissions. Has power to delete the account.
  • Administrator - Has power to create/manage policies, add/delete networks.
  • Policies Only - Has the ability to view and edit existing policies which are assigned to a site, such as changing filtering categories or making Allow list/Block list adjustments.
  • Read-only - Can only view network/policy information.

There is no limit to the amount of users which may be added.

MSP Only: MSP Accounts may assign users with granular, per-organization access at the top-level account.


How to Change the Owner Email Address

E-mail addresses are permanently bound to accounts in the dashboard. However, if you wish to change the email address for the owner of your account, you can do that by performing the following steps.

  1. Login as the current account owner, navigate to Organization -> Users, and add an administrative user account for the future owner. Logout.
  2. Sign-in as the future owner to make sure there are no issues getting to the dashboard.
  3. Login again as the current owner, navigate to the Users section, and click “Change Owner” to transfer to the future owner account. Account ownership has now been transferred.

Resend User Invitation

If you ever need to resend a user their DNSFilter invitation to your organization; DNSFilter account owners and administrators can easily resend a user invitation by clicking on the envelope icon as seen in the screenshot below.sOpCUUq0UhVbYc-E4iyrp9Dm.png

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