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The Overview page is the default page when logging into the Dashboard. It’s ideal for displaying in a network operations center (NOC) or long-term display in an office environment. This view displays the last 24 hours of account-wide activity.

This is a high-level snapshot of your geographic activity, DNS query breakdown, active deployments, requests over time, top domains and quick-links to your organizations (in the MSP view) or sites.

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Below is an explanation of the various tiles on the Overview page:

Geo Activity - The Sites displayed on a map, represented as larger (more accessed domains) or smaller (less/no accessed domains).

Total RequestsDisplays the amount of total requests sent. This includes allowed requests, blocked requests and requests seen as threats.

Allowed Requests Displays the amount of allowed requests sent.

Blocked Requests - Displays the amount of requests sent that have been blocked in accordance with the sites policy.

Threats - Displays the amount of requests sent that have been categorized as threats. These are either blocked or allowed depending on the sites policy settings.

Users - The total number of Users listed on within the Dashboard under Deployments > Users.

Roaming Clients - The total number of Roaming Clients shown in Deployments > Roaming Clients. This shows both active and inactive Roaming Clients.

Deployments - The total number of active deployments by type. Deployment types with no actives are hidden

Requests Over Time - Total number of requests over time by allowed, blocked, and threats in a graph format.

Domains - Infinite scrolling list of domains ranked by number of requests.

Sites - All sites ranked by # of requests and the icon color represents activity in the last 15 minutes. Clicking the site name navigates to an Insights reports for the site selected.

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