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There are various sources of conflict that may interfere with the implementation of DNSFilter at your network locations. We have provided an explanation of several sources of conflict as well as workarounds or configuration changes that you can employ.

A lack of query traffic, or inability of DNS queries to reach our servers, may be an indication that hardware security appliances have conflicting settings or firewall rules that cause DNS traffic to be prevented from reaching us on egress, or returning to your endpoints on ingress.

If you are sure that your own equipment is configured correctly, there are two other sources of conflict that should be checked:

Software Conflicts

Some antimalware applications, browser settings, and virtualization software contain default settings which are known conflicts with our service. We have documented how to adjust these settings as appropriate so that the conflict is removed in our Software Conflicts article.

Transparent Proxying

If there seems to be no change after setting up DNSFilter, such as sites in the Block list not being blocked, or no record of query traffic in the dashboard, your Internet Provider may by proxying DNS traffic on your network. Our Transparent Proxying article goes into more detail.

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