MSP Subscription Plans, Pricing Options, and Billing

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MSP Partners have the ability to select subscription plans for your MSP organizations, allowing you to provision customer accounts in real-time. The subscriptions panel allows for MSPs to designate how DNSFilter bills you for your customer networks. It is used for providing counts of users and access points. A table displays your Partner cost for each plan, and the built-in cost calculator will show you the total cost of subscriptions on a per-organization level before purchasing the subscription. Adjustments made here affects your bill with DNSFilter (not your customer’s bill with you).

Selecting Subscription Plans


Follow these steps to purchase subscriptions from within your DNSFilter Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to MSP > Billing.
  2. Find the MSP organization you wish to make changes to and click the edit icon.
  3. Choose the plan type and enter the selected organization's total number of users and Wi-Fi access points.
  4. Choose a term and review the calculated total price.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Any changes to the subscriptions will be effective immediately upon clicking Save. A new pro-rated invoice will be generated based on changes made.





  • User-based pricing - This is an MSP-exclusive pricing option that will allow you to be billed by DNSFilter based on the number of users at a given network location. It is ideal for offices/locations where the amount of users is stable and allows you to set a fixed price between you and the customer.
  • AP-based pricing - For networks where public WiFi is being filtered, this option allows you to report the number of access points in use.


There is also an Add-Ons section where you can include value-added features such as Data Export. Please note that enabling these add-on features will affect your bill.


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