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MSP Partners have the ability to select subscription plans for your MSP organizations, allowing you to provision customer accounts in real-time. A table displays your Partner cost for each plan, and the built-in cost calculator will show you the total cost of subscriptions on a per-organization level before purchasing the subscription.

Selecting Subscription Plans

Follow these steps to purchase subscriptions from within your DNSFilter Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to MSP > Billing.
  2. Find the MSP organization you wish to make changes to and click the edit icon :fa-edit:.
  3. Choose the plan type and enter the selected organization's total number of users and Wi-Fi access points.
  4. Choose a term and review the calculated total price.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Any changes to the subscriptions will be effective immediately upon clicking Save. A new pro-rated invoice will be generated based on changes made.

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