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Welcome to DNSFilter! This guide is intended for those considering or newly signed up to our partner program. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to sign up for a 14-day free MSP trial. We are glad that you are considering partnership with us to provide content and security filtering for your customers. For an overview of DNSFilter an our solution, refer to our Introduction to DNSFilter. Below are some of the benefits of selling our product to your clients.

Benefits of Selling DNSFilter

Fast and Easy Revenue

DNSFilter is dramatically easier to sell, even alongside existing portfolios. Due to our cloud delivered nature, our product is scalable and immediately available for organizations of any size. The value proposition is clear to customers, and the product is easy for anyone on your team to demo. Imagine completing a demo and closing the deal in one day. That’s the sales cycle for a typical DNSFilter deployment.

Responsive Support

DNSFilter’s responsive and proficient sales engineering team is dedicated to helping you close deals in any way you require, including joint calls, demos, and technical deep-dives. We consider you our partner and will help you to wow your customers.

MSP Ready

We’ve designed our product to be fully resold by MSPs, this includes a custom dashboard (, and full whitelabeling of all of our alerts and email campaigns, so that they appear to come from you. You’ll have complete access to manage all of your customer accounts, including generating reports, adding/removing networks, and changing policies. You can also grant local administrative accounts so that IT staff at those locations can manage their own policy.

Partnership Requirements

  • Your business should be operative for at least six months
  • Your business must be in current and good standing
  • You should be able to provide two references or network case studies
  • Your company should be honest in your marketing and communications

If you desire to be listed as a partner on the DNSFilter site, you should be willing to place the DNSFilter logo on your site, along with a link to

MSP Tiers

There are three tiers available to our partners, depending on the monthly commitment you wish to make and the support channels you need access to. Keep in mind that service is included in whatever commitment you choose (e.g. $500/month commitment includes $500 of service).

Tier Commitment Support Channels API Access
Tier 1 $50/month E-mail No
Tier 2 $500/month E-mail, chat Yes
Tier 3 $2000/month E-mail, chat, phone Yes

Pricing Definitions

When deciding how to charge your end user, please keep in mind that, as a DNSFilter partner, you must stay in line with DNSFilter’s definition of whom that end user is. Any DNSFilter partner found intentionally misrepresenting their end user type may have their partnership revoked immediately. Please be advised of the following definitions:

User-based Pricing

Per user pricing is an honor system. We expect that an average user consumes approximately 100,000 requests over the course of one month. We understand that certain configuration factors may affect this figure. However, if we find usage consistently and grossly exceeds this per user average we will reach out to you for an opportunity to correct network configuration errors or adjust the billing settings.

Education Pricing

In order to qualify for our highly discounted educational pricing, we must be able to verify that the end user is indeed a K-12 school, accredited university, technical college, community college or day care facility. Typically this is accomplished by providing us with a total user count (total enrollment + staff) signed/verified on the end users letterhead.

Full pricing information can be found on our pricing page

Partner FAQs

  • Absolutely! Anyone may use our DNSFilter service by visiting and signing up. However, if you want to experience the added value of our MSP dashboard (mainly, a white labeled/multi-tenant dashboard), you must be a DNSFilter partner.

  • Yes! The partner tiers are a pricing minimum. They include service cost.

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