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When installing DNSFilter on a network, it is imperative that any conflicting DNS settings are adjusted in network equipment so that DNS requests are sent to and received from DNSFilter.

You can check if your traffic is being sent somewhere else by performing proxy detection. If you can rule out the ISP proxying your connection, then the source of redirection lies in your network equipment. There may be a legacy setting in your firewall that redirects traffic to another place (such as Google’s DNS).

Below is a list of hardware equipment that can cause conflict with DNSFilter:

USB Wi-Fi and HotSpots

Most USB-based Wi-Fi and HotSpot devices enforce their own DNS servers on the network adapter that is created when plugged in. As a result, they will likely not be compatible. Testing is encouraged.

Juniper SRX Firewall

If you are using the Juniper SRX Firewall, DNS Doctoring will need to be disabled, which is only available in the Command Line Interface. More information available In Juniper’s Documentation

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