How are my DNS requests to a large service or CDN provider handled?

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Utilizing the largest public Anycast network, our transit provider boasts an impressive 2300+ BGP peers and growing, with 19+ Internet Exchange memberships and an open peering policy. Our anycast network is configured to automatically reroute to the next nearest destination if one of these nodes goes offline. We have a Status Page that provides real-time as well as historical system status for all DNSFilter services. Below is a list of our important services, along with a description of what would happen if they were degraded or offline:

  • DNS Resolvers

    • Primary DNS Resolver: If this server was not functioning, requests would be gracefully re-routed to the secondary DNS resolver.

    • Secondary DNS Resolver: If this server was not functioning, there would be system-wide issues in resolving DNS requests only in the event that the primary DNS handler was also down.

  • Dashboard

    • Analytics: This server collects analytic data. If it is down, DNS requests are still served and data is being collected, but may not be visible in the dashboard.

    • Interface (Front End): This refers to the customer dashboard/UI. If down, DNS requests are still resolved and statistics are being collected, but you may not be able to view/edit your networks.

    • API: If this server was not functioning, we would still be resolving requests, but third-party integrations may be degraded.

  • Features

    • Blocked Page: This is the server hosting the notifications for when a user is prevented from accessing a forbidden site. If this server is offline, users will still be prevented from accessing inappropriate content but may not see any notification webpage.

    • Changelog: This is the server hosting our public notices of new features. If degraded, this information will be temporarily unavailable.

    • Proxy Bypass: This server hosts our proxy which users are directed to if they input a correct Bypass Password. If degraded, users will not be allowed to use Bypass Passwords.

    • Interstitial Page: This server holds requests until real-time AI categorization is complete. If degraded, user requests will operate according to their default handling of Unknown/uncategorized sites.


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