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Starting June 1st, DNSFilter will transition our pricing model to be based on users instead of usage.

We’ve taken an educated guess at the number of users on your account, based on the amount of DNS traffic that we have been receiving from you. This amount has been pre-filled into your billing menu. All you need to do is verify and update this amount. You are able to make changes at any time.

How do I make changes?

To make changes login to your billing portal. Then, simply change your user counts to be reflective of your organization.


How does the new pricing work?

The new pricing is based on the amount of users on your account. You’ll be charged $1/user/month under a special “Legacy Enterprise” plan that will give you all the product features that we offer under our current $3/month plan (a 67% discount). This change will take effect on your next billing cycle.

What is considered a user?

Users are typically considered full-time employees that are associated with an organization. They can be on-site or working out of the office.

Some environments, such as manufacturing, have a high ratio of computers to users. In a shared computing environment, we count the number of computers.

How did you estimate my initial user count?

We looked at the average of your traffic over the past 12 months and, based on usage data from DNSFilter customers on per-user plans, estimated your number of users per organization. If there are any major differences, feel free to log in to your dashboard and change the user counts.

Is there a minimum price?

For standard organizations, there is a monthly minimum of $20.

For MSPs/Resellers, there is a monthly minimum of $50 total. This means that you can add all of your sub-organizations together to meet the minimum.

Are there any perks for MSPs?

MSPs have been given a special bonus of NFR (Not-for-resale) licenses. These are a gift to you as an MSP to use internally for yourself and your staff. They will automatically be applied based on tier level.

  • Tier 1 MSPs ($50+ monthly spend) have 25 NFR licenses.
  • Tier 2 MSPs ($500+ monthly spend) have 50 NFR licenses.
  • Tier 3 MSPs ($2,000+ monthly spend) have 100 NFR licenses.

How is my new cost calculated?

Your cost moving forward will be based on $1/user/month (see “What is considered a user?”). If you operate a shared WiFi environment, such as a hotel or venue, you will be billed at a rate of $5 per Access Point per month.

If you are an MSP/Reseller, you will also be entitled to NFR licenses as described above.

What is happening to the $5 per network minimum?

The $5 per network monthly minimum that was part of the legacy usage plan is no longer applicable.

Does this apply if I'mi'm under the MSP pricing model?

Yes, this pricing change does apply to standard and to MSP accounts. However, as an MSP you will also have access to Not-For-Resale (NFR) licenses to use internally at no cost.

Do I have to install the roaming clients?

You can continue to have DNSFilter setup the way you have currently, and no changes are necessary. However, you will have access to all product features we offer at our highest tier (including roaming clients, zapier integration, and extended reporting).

What if I'm a non-profit or educational organization?

K-12 and Higher Education institutions specifically qualify for separate pricing. Contact support to inquire.

Non-profit organizations are priced the same as standard organizations.

What does this mean for Relays?

The DNSFilter LAN Proxy/Relay is included in this plan.

Why is the notice period short?

As we reviewed our billing process and support requests, we came to the conclusion that our service to customers was being negatively affected by the complexity of maintaining both usage-based and user-based pricing. We have maintained both models since May of 2019 and it was clear that per-user pricing was a better fit for an overwhelming number of our customers.

While the notice period is shorter than we would like, for most legacy customers this is not a billing increase, but rather a different and more stable way of calculating pricing. We have also decided to give legacy customers the month of May at no cost.

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