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Frequently Asked AppAware Questions

  • AppAware allows users to have real-time visibility of application activity on their network, as well as take immediate and proactive actions to block apps that do not align with their internal policies. AppAware is available to all Enterprise, Pro+, and MSP customers.

  • AppAware is a new security configuration that helps to control common applications in an organization’s security policy easily. The new feature allows you to block over 100 risky applications from being used on your network. For more information on how AppAware works, please visit our AppAware blocking documentation here.

  • Yes, organizations can now block a single or a group of applications directly along with their associated domains. Workplace distractions like Facebook and Netflix can now be blocked to increase productivity within your organization.

    You can also block high-risk applications and prevent remote desktop attacks that give attackers a backdoor into your organization’s network. With over 100 applications grouped into a dozen categories, you can block a single application or an entire category of applications, e.g., The Shopping category allows you to block e-commerce sites like Amazon and the Apple Store.

  • Yes, AppAware offers reporting for your organizations in your dashboard under Reporting > AppAware. For more information, please review our AppAware's Reporting documentation here.

  • There are certain Chrome Extensions that we can block, such as LogMeIn. There are also other chrome extensions that cannot be blocked. This will depend on the extension and how it loads its resources and data.

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