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In this guide, we will take you through the steps you need to take to block TeamViewer on your home or office network using DNSFilter’s AppAware feature.

AppAware is DNSFilter’s application-blocking feature that helps you block specific applications from being used on your network. You can also block groups of related applications and applications that pose a threat to your network. For example, applications like TeamViewer can be used to gain remote access to a host system which can lead to nefarious activities being carried out.


Go to Policies -> Filtering and click on an existing policy or create a new one


Click on the AppAware tab on your policy settings and scroll down to the Remote Desktop section


If you wish to prevent remote access altogether, click the Block All Apps button on the section tab.

If, however, you only intend to block TeamViewer, turn on the toggle button on the TeamViewer option as shown below:


This setting will be automatically saved.

Now when anyone on your network has the TeamViewer application open, it will not connect to TeamViewer’s servers and hence will not be able to enable remote access on the host computer.

The Teamviewer website is also automatically blocked, as shown below:


Like our regular category-blocking policy settings, AppAware settings can be easily turned off/on, and the changes will take effect immediately.


You also get reports on who has been attempting to use TeamViewer on your network. This can be found in your query logs page, which now includes an AppAware column.


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