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Integration Introduction

DNSFilter is the only DNS security provider which connects you to the world of Zapier. This allows you to connect to over 3,000 popular applications to transfer data, trigger alerts, record activities, and integrate DNSFilter into your normal business processes in multiple ways.

The DNSFilter Zapier integration opens up thousands of time-saving automations. You get a deeper connection between the other work applications you use on a daily basis and your security and content filtering.

If you are an MSP, our Zapier integration makes onboarding new customers much easier, as you automate DNSFilter deployment once your client reaches the "Won" status in your CRM software (or any other triggering event).

Through Zapier, you can also automate reporting and alerting from DNSFilter activities, such as when users are blocked from phishing websites, or when an administrator turns off multi-factor authentication.

In short, this integration saves time on repetitive onboarding and maintenance tasks, and gives you greater insight into the DNS activity of your organization.

Benefits of Zapier with DNSFilter

  • Easily set up automated changes to filtering policies
  • Get alerted instantly of DNSFilter account activity
  • Integrate with thousands of applications without coding

DNSFilter Zapier Templates

This integration allows you to connect DNSFilter to thousands of line of business apps, alerting platforms, and reporting applications. There's so much potential here that you may wonder where to start. We have put together several best practice templates that you can use out of the box or as a starting point for your own use case.


Create a Ticket From an Unblock Request


For Managed Services Providers and internal IT departments, it is common to want to send any user request into your ticketing system. When a user encounters a website that is blocked according to policy, they will encounter a page telling them that access is forbidden. If they wish to request access, they may fill out a form explaining their rationale.

In this zap, the user request will go straight into your ticketing system. While the example uses SyncroMSP, you can easily switch it out with your PSA or services automation tool./p>

Download our Create a helpdesk ticket from unblock request template to get started in 1-2 mins.


Notify When Users are Blocked from Phishing, Malware, and Botnets


DNSFilter uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence to detect and prevent access to Botnets, Phishing, and Malware accross all of your devices. From a security perspective, you may wish to be alerted when users are blocked from accessing these threats, so that you can remediate devices and educate these users.

Copy this zap to be alerted when someone is blocked from accessing malicious websites.

Download the Notify me in Slack when malicious activity is detected template


Onboard a New Customer in DNSFilter


This template is a good example of connecting your back office processes into your security suite onboarding. Using Salesforce or any similar CRM tool, you can trigger setup of a new organization and network in DNSFilter. A filtering policy will be assigned, and you can be notified when the process is complete in Slack or via email.

Get this zap to automate setting up a new customer that is marked as "Won" in your CRM software.

Copy our Setup a new customer in DNSFilter zap


Auto Unblock from Authorized User


There are some tasks in IT which can be downright tedious. Request approval often falls in this category. When it comes to filtering policies, there are certain users (teachers, senior employees) that you may trust to add exceptions to filtering policies. Instead of having to deal with a flood of tickets in your helpdesk, and handling them one by one, you can give your trusted users the ability to process them on their own.

Download this zap to allow website unblock requests from certain email addresses to automatically be approved and allowed on your filtering policy.

Get the Auto unblock from authorized user zap


Alert if Dynamic DNS Hostname Not Resolving


For smaller or mobile/LTE networks, you may need to use dynamic DNS so that DNSFilter can track the changes to your external IP address. Using this zap, you can be notified if we detect any problems with your dynamic DNS hostname. This will give you an early notification of downtime.

Use this zap to be notified in Slack of your dynamic DNS hostname not resolving.

Download our Alert if dynamic DNS hostname not resolving zap template


Alert if Admin Account or MFA Change


Minutes always matter in organization security. That user clicks on a phishing link. A ransomware file is downloaded. Access monitoring allows you to see when important events take place, like a new administrator account being deleted, or account protection being decreased. You can use any notification mechanism, such as Slack, Pagerduty, or email, to be alerted when there are account access changes in DNSFilter.

Use this zap to be notified instantly of changes in MFA access or administrator accounts being added/removed.

Copy this Notify me when administrator or MFA changes happen in DNSFilter template

How DNSFilter works with Zapier

Within Zapier there are two kinds of building blocks:

  1. Triggers, which are activities which kick off a series of automations
  2. Actions, which are automated tasks, such as "sending a slack message", "recording a row in a cloud spreadsheet", or "adding an entry to a DNSFilter block list"

Below are the available Triggers and Actions for the DNSFilter App in Zapier:

Triggers Actions
   Account Activity Occurred
     - Organization added
     - Organization delete
     - Site added
     - Site deleted
     - Roaming Client added
     - Roaming Client deleted
     - Roaming Client uninstalled (Windows only)
     - Roaming Client reactivated (Windows only)
     - Relay added
     - Relay deleted
     - Administrator added
     - Administrator deleted
     - MFA enabled
     - MFA disabled
Create Organization
Dynamic hostname not resolving Create Site
Block Page Visited Allow Category in a Policy
Block Page Form Submitted Block Category in a Policy
Policy Changed Assign Policy to a Site
Invoice Available Assign Policy to a Roaming Client
  Add Domain to Allow List
  Add Domain to Block List

Zapier Integration FAQ

  • The biggest benefit is in connecting DNSFilter to your other line of business applications. Typically you will see this in three areas:

    1. Alerting of changes in your DNSFilter account
    2. Automating routine actions
    3. Speed up onboarding
  • Leave the organization and network fields blank on any trigger to apply the zap to your entire DNSFilter account.

  • All DNSFilter accounts other than Basic have access to Zapier functionality. You will also need an account for Zapier itself. Their free account comes with a limit if 5 active zaps and 100 executions per month.

  • While the creation of Zapier automations is up to you, we have provided several best practice templates on this page that you can copy and use right away. You can use them as they are or as a starting point for your own automations.

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