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Filtering Schedules allow you to enforce a different policy to take effect during different times of the day. This is useful for setting a work-hours/non-work hours filter.

The video below walks you through setting up a filtering schedule:

Filtering Schedule FAQs

  • Any areas left blank in the calendar interface will result in no policy enforcement - including securities categories. For this reason, it is highly suggested that you leave no open space on the calendar when creating a Filtering Schedule.

  • Filtering Schedules must have a minimum duration of 15 minutes, and can only start and end in 15-minute intervals (:00/:15/:30/:45)

  • If a domain’s TTL exceeds the transition point of the next policy, the TTL is automatically reduced to the transition point, minus 1 second. A video walkthrough of creating a Filtering Schedule is available below, or scroll down for textual instructions.

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