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The DNSFilter roaming client is available to run on many platforms. We strongly recommend you run the roaming client on an up-to-date operating system that is still in service by the vendor and receiving security updates. 

Starting May 1, 2023

Vendor Supported Operating Systems/Browser DNSFilter Supported Roaming Client Version

End-of-Life Roaming Client Version

Microsoft Windows Windows 10 or newer with .NET 4.5.2. 1.8.2 and newer 1.7.17 and older
Apple macOS 

Big Sur (11)

Monterey (12)
Ventura (13)

1.3.1 and newer 1.3.0 and older
Apple iOS iOS 15 or newer 1.0.8 and newer 1.0.7 and older
Android OS Android 11 or newer 1.19.0 and newer 1.18.0 and older
Google Chrome (see ChromeOS) 2.0 and newer 1.3.3 and older



What if I’m running an end-of-life version?
DNSFilter will strongly recommend upgrading to the newest roaming client version. Otherwise, support will be provided on a best effort basis.

How will we be notified of EOL?
DNSFilter will typically provide 60 days notice (via email) and in-product messaging before ending support for a roaming client version.

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