Deploying MAC Roaming clients using MAC Ninja One (formerly Ninja RMM)

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You can follow this article to install the macOS DNSFilter agent to your network using the NinjaOne tool. We've broken down the installation into the following steps:

  1. Creating the macOS Agent Install Script
  2. Importing the script
  3. Running the installer script


Your Mac Must be Running macOS 10.15 or later.


Creating the Mac Agent Install Script

Create the script below(use your site key in place of "YOUR SITE KEY HERE") which downloads and installs the macOS roaming client:


curl -o /tmp/DNSFilter%20Agent-Installer.pkg

cd /tmp && echo "YOUR SITE KEY HERE" > dns_agent_site_key && sudo installer -dumplog -store -pkg DNSFilter%20Agent-Installer.pkg -target /

Running the installer script

  1. Log into NinjaOne and click on the Administration tab on the left navigation bar.  
  2. Navigate to Library > Scripting in the Administration bar on the left side.  
  3. On the top right side click Import New Script > From my computer.
  4. Select the shell script you downloaded in the previous section. (Mac_Roaming 
  5. Provide a meaningful name related to the customer in the Name: field. Complete the remaining fields according to your specifications and then click the blue Save button. Once saved you can click the Close button. 
  6. Navigate to Policies > Agent Policies in the Administration bar.
  7. Select the NinjaOne Agent Policy that you have designated for this customer’s Mac devices and edit the policy.  
  8. Select Scheduled Scripts on the left side and then click Add a Scheduled Script on the right. 
  9. Provide a name for the Scheduled Script and set the Schedule field to “Run Once Immediately”. Next select Add Script in the top left corner.
  10. Select the script that you created in step 5 and ensure Run As is set to “System” then click Apply and then Add
  11. Click the Save button in the top right corner of the screen and then the Close button. NinjaOne will now begin to run the script on devices attached to the policy.  

You've successfully deployed the Mac Roaming Client Agent to your network. 

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