Uninstalling Windows Roaming Clients

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Roaming Client Uninstall Notifications

DNSFilter account administrators can be alerted when users uninstall the roaming client. This capability provides visibility into unexpected uninstalls.

  1. Navigating to Deployments > Roaming Clients > Settings
  2. Select Enable Uninstall Notifications


Windows Roaming Client Uninstall

The Roaming Client can be removed via the Add/Remove programs control panel as most applications unless a silent installation with the ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT=1 an option has been specified (which hides the client in the list of installed programs).

A command-line uninstallation can also be called using an administrative command prompt or GPO:

Standard Account Roaming Client:

wmic product where name="DNSFilter Agent" call uninstall

MSP Roaming Client:

wmic product where name="DNS Agent" call uninstall

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