Relay Deployment with VirtualBox

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Recommended specs: 64-bit 2 core CPU; 2GB of ram. Recommended configuration is two separate Relay VM instances - listening on different LAN IPs; so you can hand these two DNS IPs out via DHCP.

Click here to download the VirtualBox Ubuntu 18.04 file (2GbB

user: dnsfilter

pass: ChangeMeNow!

In order to user the VirtualBox image:

  1. Change the VM to use a bridged network interface instead of NAT
  2. Modify the /etc/relay/relay.conf config by entering your sitekey.
  3. sudo systemctl enable docker.service
  4. sudo systemctl start docker.service

By default the VM runs two docker instances of relay which load balance traffic requests. Every hour a system cron job checks for a new docker container, and if it exists, updates one, followed by the other. This upgrade should be without interruption.

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