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Cloudflare Category Description DNSFilter Equivalent
Anonymizer Sites that allow users to surf the Internet anonymously. Proxy & Filter Avoidance
Command and Control & Botnet Sites that are queried by compromised devices to exfiltrate information or potentially infect other devices in a network. Botnet
Cryptomining Sites that mine cryptocurrency by taking over the user's computing resources. Cryptomining
DGA Domains Domains detected as generated by algorithms seen in malware. Malware
DNS Tunneling Domains with detected DNS tunneling activity. Proxy & Filter Avoidance
Malware Sites hosting malicious content and other compromised websites. Malware
Phishing Domains that are known for stealing personal information. Phishing & Deception
Private IP Address Domains that resolve to private IP Addresses  
Spam Sites that are known for targeting users with unwanted sweepstakes, surveys, and advertisements. Phishing & Deception
Spyware Sites that are known to distribute or contain code that displays unwanted advertisements or that gathers user information without the user’s knowledge. Tracking
Typosquatting & Impersonation Domains that impersonate other brands, services or domains Phishing & Deception
Adult Themes Sites that are hosting content related to pornography, nudity, sexuality, and other adult themes. Adult Content
Business & Economy Sites that are related to business, economy, finance, education, science and technology. Economy & Finance, Business
Deceptive Ads Sites that spoof clicks, impressions, conversions for ads. Advertising
Drugs Sites related to the use and promotion of illegal drugs or illegal use of prescribed drugs. Drugs
Education Sites hosting educational content that are not included in other categories like Science, Technology or Educational institutions. Education & Self Help
Entertainment Sites that are hosting entertaining content that are not included in other categories like Comic books, Audio streaming, Video streaming etc. Entertainment, Streaming Media
Gambling Sites that are providing online gambling or are related to gambling. Gambling
Government & Politics Sites related to government and politics. Government
Health Sites containing information about health and fitness. Health
Information Technology Sites related to information technology. Information Technology
Internet Communication Sites hosting applications that are used for communication like chat, mail etc. Webmail & Chat
Job Search & Careers Sites that facilitate searching for jobs and careers. Jobs & Careers
Login Screens Sites hosting login screens that are not included in other categories.  
Miscellaneous Sites that are not included in the listed security and content categories. Uncategorized
No Content Sites that have no content. Uncategorized
Questionable Content Sites hosting content that are related to hacking, piracy, profanity and other questionable activities. Hacking & Cracking, P2P & Illegal
Real Estate Sites related to real estate. Real Estate
Religion Sites hosting content about religion, alternative religion, religious teachings, religious groups and spirituality. Religion
Safe for Kids Sites that are safe for kids to visit.  
Security threats Sites that contain security threats like malware, phishing, cryptomininng and other security threats. Malware, Phishing & Deception, Cryptomining
Shopping & Auctions Sites that are hosting content related to ecommerce, coupons, shopping, auctions and marketplaces. Shopping
Social & Family Sites related to society and lifestyle. Education & Self Help
Society & Lifestyle Sites hosting information about lifestyle that are not included in other categories like fashion, food & drink etc. Education & Self Help
Sports Sites related to sports & recreation. Sports
Technology Sites hosting information about technology that are not included in the science category. Information Technology
Travel Sites that contain information about listings, reservations, services for travel. Travel
Vehicles Sites related vehicles, automobiles, including news, reviews, and other hobbyist information. Vehicles
Violence Sites hosting and/or promoting violent content. Terrorism & Hate
Weather Sites related to weather.  

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