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The MSP Organizations menu allows you to manage your MSP account as well as create and edit sub-organization accounts for your clients, as well as warp into their dashboard to perform changes to their local users, network sites, and filtering policies.

It can be accessed on the top left, immediately to the right of your organization logo.


Managing your MSP Organization

Clicking on your account in the MSP area of the organizations drop-down menu will select your MSP account, and enable you to manage your organizational profile. The MSP section on the left side of the dashboard (underneath Reporting) will be available. In addition to standard Dashboard Overview features, you can manage MSP Users and your MSP Whitelabel settings.

Managing your Customer Sub-organizations

Clicking on an account in the Customers area will warp you into their dashboard so that you can make changes to their sub-organization. All of the standard dashboard features are available to you, including making users accounts for on-site IT staff at that location. All of the standard dashboard options are discussed in our Dashboard Overview.

If you have recently won new business with an additional client, you can easily start to provide service to them by clicking Add Organization. This will allow you to create a new sub-organization for them and begin to add networks.

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