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Visit the Partner Portal for partner-specific resources.

Partners with SSO

If you have SSO enabled for your account, accessing the Partner portal will require you to use the Owner account OR an account that was setup prior to enabling SSO.
Work is in-process to enable SSO accounts as well.


  • DNSFilter Certification. This is DNSFilter’s Partner Certification course, an introduction to the concepts, mechanisms, and best practices to administer your account effectively. 
  • dnsUNFILTERED. Gain actionable insights, valuable tips, and inspiring anecdotes from seasoned professionals who have excelled in the MSP industry.
  • Level Up. Led by renowned cybersecurity sherpa Jennifer Bleam, is designed to equip MSP professionals with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to effectively sell cybersecurity solutions to their clients.


In the Forums you can talk with your fellow DNSFilter Partners and assistance with any aspects of your DNSFilter service.



Resources to assist selling to your clients provided by DNSFilter. Including Media Kits, Sales Enablement, and Editable Resources.


Partner Store

Unlock exclusive Partner rewards simply by sharing your knowledge, insights, and ideas within our Partner Portal community.

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