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Welcome to our Partner Portal! Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned IT pro, our guides are here to help you integrate DNSFilter into your stack, and ensure your clients are fully protected from DNS threats.


As a first step we highly recommend you download our Best Practices document. In here you'll find common customer questions with compelling responses. This is a resource to print and keep by your desk as you'll return to it again and again.




Getting Started - The Basics

Download this video to share with your customers

These whitepapers will help you and your sales team gain a deep understanding of how A.I. powered DNS protection works, how to talk about DNS protection with your clients, and give you answers to commonly asked questions.


Working From Home Checklist

A quick checklist to ensure security on every device you protect.


5 Tools Every MSP Should Resell

The top security tools MSP's should be reselling in 2021.


The MSP Cybersecurity Journey

How to assess risk level for your customers



eGuides - Getting To Know The Product

Looking to implement Roaming Clients? Wants some tips on how to sell DNS filtering? Need advice on setting up your dashboard? Want a document handy that you can share with new hires about DNSFilter? Here are a few resources we know you'll get a lot out of. Click the images to download!




Unbranded Materials - For Your Use With Clients

Download this video to share with your customers

If your customers are interested in DNS filtering features, these one-sheets give them all the details they need minus the DNSFilter branding.






MSP Webinar Recordings

Whether you're looking for advice you can take to your customers or helpful information on the DNSFilter dashboard, these webinars we did just for MSPs will help you out. Click on the buttons below to watch these webinars on-demand. 



Contacting Sales or Support

Need anything else? We're here to help. Reach out to, or submit a support ticket. We're here to help you make the most of DNSFilter!

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