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A transparent DNS proxy is the practice of intercepting DNS requests destined for a specific recursive DNS server (like DNSFilter) and sending the DNS requests to an entirely different DNS server.


Who is typically proxied?

Most "hardwired" ISPs (cable, DSL, fiber) in North America and Europe are not using transparent DNS proxies.

Satellite ISPs and Telecom providers (3g/4g/LTE) are commonly using transparent DNS proxies for performance reasons.

Proxying can happen via:

  • Firewall (Direct NAT)
  • Network Security Appliance (Security Feature)
  • Software (Security Feature)
  • ISP DNS Caching

Transparent proxying is typically employed for one of these reasons:

  • Security (Local network) - To prevent the circumvention of a content filtering service (such as DNSFilter).
  • Government Regulation - ISPs in Africa, Asia, and The Middle East typically have enforcement of government-mandated content filtering and/or traffic logging.
  • Satellite ISPs / Mobile ISPs - DNS requests are cached to increase performance

If you're experiencing transparent proxying with DNSFilter, likely a Site is not activating or the Site is offline. See Site not Activating or Showing Offline for further help.

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