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These domains can be used to confirm that the Categories you’ve blocked in your Policies are working as expected without using real-world examples. They are helpful when starting a trial, creating a new policy, or for service monitoring purposes.

You can test all categories at once by visiting debug.dnsfilter.com.

You can also test the categories individually by browsing the domains shown below in the content categories. For example, if you want to test your block page against adult content, visit - adult.filterdns.net.



Content Categories

Category Domain
Abortion abortion.filterdns.net
Adult Content adult.filterdns.net
Alcohol & Tobacco alcoholandtobacco.filterdns.net
Blogs & Personal Sites blogsandpersonal.filterdns.net
Business business.filterdns.net
Contentious & Misinformation contentiousandmisinformation.filterdns.net
Dating & Personals personals.filterdns.net
Drugs drugs.filterdns.net
Entertainment entertainment.filterdns.net
Humor humor.filterdns.net
Jobs & Careers jobrelated.filterdns.net
Real Estate realestate.filterdns.net
Shopping shopping.filterdns.net
Sports sports.filterdns.net
Streaming Media streamingmedia.filterdns.net
Vehicles vehicles.filterdns.net
Weapons weapons.filterdns.net
Advertising advertising.filterdns.net
Economy & Finance economyandfinance.filterdns.net
Education & Self Help education.filterdns.net
Food & Recipes foodandrecipes.filterdns.net
Gambling gambling.filterdns.net
Government government.filterdns.net
Games games.filterdns.net
Hacking & Cracking hacking.filterdns.net
Health health.filterdns.net
Information Technology informationtech.filterdns.net
Media Sharing mediasharing.filterdns.net
Message Boards and Forums messageboardsandforums.filterdns.net
News and Media newsandmedia.filterdns.net
Religion religion.filterdns.net
Search Engines & Portals searchenginesandportals.filterdns.net
Social Networking socialnetworking.filterdns.net
Translation translators.filterdns.net
Terrorism & Hate terrorismandhate.filterdns.net
Travel travel.filterdns.net
Virtual Reality virtualreality.filterdns.net
Webmail & Chat chatandmessaging.filterdns.net
P2P/Illegal illegalcontent.filterdns.net


Category Domain
Botnet botnet.filterdns.net
Cryptomining cryptomining.filterdns.net
Malware malware.filterdns.net
New Domains newdomains.filterdns.net
Phishing & Deception phishing.filterdns.net
Very New Domains verynewdomains.filterdns.net
Translation Sites translators.filterdns.net
Proxy & Filter Avoidance proxyandfilteravoidance.filterdns.net


       Category Domain
Advertising advertising.filterdns.net
Parked Sites & Domains parked.filterdns.net
Uncategorized uncategorized.filterdns.net
Trackers trackers.filterdns.net
Internet Watch Foundation & Project Arachnid iwf.filterdns.net


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