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The Users feature allows administrators to view and apply specific policies, schedules, and block pages to an organization’s users on a granular level. Reports and query logs can also be filtered on a per-user basis, to enable more detailed reporting and troubleshooting.

In order for Users to be filtered and reported on, the following must be true:

  • Roaming Client should be installed on the device.
  • The device has communicated with the DNSFilter Dashboard at least once after the user has logged in.
  • All applicable users must login to the device.

Applying User-based Policies

Follow these steps to apply Policies, Schedules, and Block Pages to specific users from within your DNSFilter Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Deployments > Users.
  2. Find the user you wish to override the inherited policy, schedule, or block page.
  3. Click the text within the Policy/Schedule column to choose the new Policy/Schedule to apply to this user.
  4. Click the text within the Block Page column to choose the new Block Page to apply to this user.

Per-User Reporting

Per-user reporting is visible in several areas of the dashboard.

Per-User Information in Query Log

Follow these steps to use the DNSFilter Query Log to view and export DNS queries by a user from within your DNSFilter Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Query Log.
  2. Select the user from the dropdown list and optionally apply additional filtering options.

Per-User Information in Reporting Insights

Follow these steps to navigate to Reporting Insights and view user-based reporting information:

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Insights.
  2. Scroll down to "All Requests by Domain" and click the toggle for Users

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