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The Collections feature will allow administrators to group users and apply specific policies, schedules, and block pages to users within a collection on a granular level. Reports and query logs can also be filtered on a per-collection basis, to enable more detailed reporting and troubleshooting.

Creating a Collection

To place users into a collection, you must first create a collection and add organization users to the collection.

  1. Navigate to Deployments > Collections.
  2. Click the New Collection button.
  3. Provide a Name and optional Description for the new collection and click the Add Collection button.
  4. On the next page, choose which users or groups of users that you wish to add to the collection.
  5. Click the Update Collection button to save your changes.
  6. You will be returned to the list of Collections where you may apply a specific policy and/or block page to your new collection.

If no Policy/Schedule or Block Page is selected, the collection will inherit the settings from the Roaming Client policy.

Each Collection has a priority. The priority can be changed by using the drag-and-drop icon on the far left of each Collection. If a user belongs to multiple collections, the Policy and Block Page applied will be that of the collection with the highest priority.

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