Common Issues with Cisco Roaming Clients

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The Roaming Client breaks when you try to configure it beyond the basic setup

Cisco Umbrella can be simple to set up if you stick to the basic features. But as soon as you want to apply IP filtering or SSL decryption, you can encounter errors that may take days to resolve. Oftentimes, the roaming client fails when trying to perform these advanced tasks and it takes extensive troubleshooting to get it back up. 

This usually impacts roaming client setups that are in place. Making any changes after a roaming client is already installed could mean complete failure of the roaming clients. If clients were working properly and suddenly broke, it's likely changes to your setup were the cause.

Not available for Android devices

With over 2.5 billion Android devices currently active at the time of this writing, not having a roaming client for Android devices is a major drawback to network protection coverage.

Non-intuitive User Interface

Cisco roaming agents often take a very technical person to set it up and the user experience can be frustrating. It can be difficult to find important functions, and some functions are duplicated in multiple places in the UI, making it more confusing to use. The simple task of setting up a policy takes 8 clicks or more, and it’s often difficult to reach their support staff when you run into issues.

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