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This section is for troubleshooting any issues associated with the iOS Roaming Client.

Apple Configurator 2 limitations

Please note: If you are currently using an iPhone or iPad on iOS 15.x and attempt to install with the single installation method, you will receive an error. From our research, this appears to be due to the Apple Configurator itself and difficulties with how it interacts with iOS devices running on iOS 15 and higher. In this case, we recommend using an MDM for installing profiles for iOS 15.x as our team looks into potential workarounds.

In-app Enable Debug logs

Please follow along with the steps below to enable and share your DNSFilter Debug logs:

  1. Launch the DNSFilter app
  2. Tap on the Status icon at the top right corner
  3. You will then be prompted to enter in your Mobile PIN
    Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 11.41.00 AM.png
  4. This PIN can be found in your DNSFilter dashboard under Deployments > Roaming Clients > Manage
  5. Click on the 'Edit' icon next to the appropriate device and look for Current Mobile Admin PIN 
  6. Once entered, scroll down and tap on Enable Debug Logging
  7. After you have done this and replicated the issue, you can navigate back to the above settings and tap on Email Debug Logging and tap Send

Console logs

In some cases, our Support Team may require further logging from your iOS device (via Console) if the above Debug Logs do not reveal enough data. The steps below will walk you through how to retrieve those logs from the macOS Console app:

  1. Collect the crash logs – App logs can be found in Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Data. The Log name will be DNSFilter-year-month-day.
  2. Send the logs – Mail the logs to
  3. Collect logs via the macOS Console app – This can be done by:
    — Plugging in your iOS device (e.g., iPhone or iPad) to your Mac
    — Launch the Console application (Applications > Utilities)
    — From the panel on the left, click on your iOS device name
    — Along the Console menubar, select Action and place a checkmark next to Include Info Messages and Include Debug Messages 
    — Then select Start streaming and now attempt to reproduce the issue
    — Allow the logs to run for 30 minutes
    — Copy/paste the output from the Console into a TextEdit file, save it, and then email those logs over to 

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