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The Domain Report tool is invaluable for two purposes:

  • Look up how DNSFilter classifies a particular domain
  • Report inaccurate categories/threats in one click

Access the Domain Report Tool

Access the Domain Report tool from two points in the DNSFilter dashboard: the Support menu or from Tools

Domain Report Tool 1.png

Enter a specific domain name and the tool returns the DNSFilter classification as well as any threat categories associated with the domain. 

The Domain Report tool also check the domain against your filtering policies to confirm it's on the account's Allow or Block List.

Domain Report example

This screenshot shows the Domain Report tool's response for, which is blocked by the Adult Content category and is on the Block List for the "Default" filtering policy.  

This example shows DNSFilter test classifications. You will need to block/unblock these categories as appropriate in your account's filtering policy.

Domain Report 2.png

Report an inaccuracy

If you feel a domain is incorrectly categorized, select the appropriate Report link to report the domain to DNSFilter.

Our staff will review the request within 1-3 business days and make any necessary corrections.


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