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If you find that a site is blocked, which should be allowed on you policy, this article will help you diagnose and correct the issue.

Receiving a Block Notification

If you are receiving a block page notification for the site, you should check for three things:

  1. The correct policy is applied to the correct site - Log into the dashboard and verify that on the “Deployment” screen, you have the correct policy for that location. It may be that change have been made that resulted in a different policy applied to the site in question.
  2. Perform a Domain Lookup - Use the Domain Lookup tool to enter the Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the website. It could be that one of your category settings is blocking this site. One way to solve the issue is by *adding this site to your Policy Allow list.

Receiving a Partially-Loading Site

If the website is only partially loading, this is because some of the site resources are blocked in your policy. DNSFilter is allowing some content, but blocking other content. Our Pages Not Loading article is a detailed walkthrough of helping you determine other sites to Allow list, so that the page fully loads.

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