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Allow list-Only refers to the concept of blocking all possible domains by default, except those specified by an Allow list. This is also referred to as a “default deny” policy, rather than a “default allow” policy.

The Dashboard doesn’t have a single switch to enable Allow list-Only mode, but this can be achieved by blocking all possible categories in the dashboard.

Not Recommended

Setting up an Allow list-Only Filtering Policy doesn't mean adding a single domain will result in a fully functional website. In almost all cases, websites use multiple domains and services to load content associated with the website.

DNSFilter Support will not assist in researching all domains required to load a specific website or service if the Policy is set up to be Allow list-Only. However, we have written a helpful article that will help you to research Pages Not Loading

Setting Up and Allow-only Policy

  1. Block all Content Categoriesallow-list-categories.png
  2. Block all Threat Categoriesallow-list-threats.png
  3. Block Uncategorized/Unknown Domains, and Remaining Categoriesallow-list-extra-settings.png
  4. Add desired domains to the Allow listallow-list-add-domain.png

Complete Block-List import for definitive Allow-List only

See attached below for an importable list of all domains, this can be imported into your Block List using the import CSV functionality. This aligned with blocking all categories and should be an overarching block functionality for all domains, including content servers. 

If you add the below domains to a CSV and import them, this should block all domains:

Block-list Import

Remember to read the 'Not Recommended' section above, as this can be a very manual job to add singular domains to an allow list-only policy.

If you do stumble on a domain that filters through this list, please contact to let us know, so we can update this list. 

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