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The Roaming Client Release Channels are customer-selectable Release Channels for MacOS and Windows Roaming Clients. These are available for both new install download links and our auto-update feature.

The channels will vary in the versions available and the speed at which new releases are rolled out via auto-update. New features will be introduced in the Beta channel first before being made available in the default Production channel. We recommend everyone within your organization to be on the Production channel.

Test out new and upcoming features

Utilize the Beta channel as a way to test out new and upcoming features on a limited test group within your organization.

If you run into any issues on the Beta channel, please run our Diagnostic Tool for Windows or Mac to collect the needed logs. Then, reach out to our support team to investigate further. 

Selecting a Channel

Release Channels can be selected from 2 different locations.

Manual Download

  1. Deployments > Roaming Clients
  2. Select the Install tab
  3. Select the Production or Beta version to download

Automate for specific Roaming Client(s)

  1. Deployments > Roaming Clients
  2. Select the pencil icon from the Actions column of a specific client
  3. Update the Release Channel option 
    Once an individual Roaming Client is opted into the Beta channel, they will receive beta versions through the auto-update mechanism

Note: Because Beta channel releases will usually be future versions not yet released in the Production channel if a user has received a pre-production version from the Beta channel, they will not be downgraded to the latest Production versions by only modifying their selected Release Channel. Manual installation is required if they need the current production version immediately.

Release Channel Descriptions

Release channel name Description

The most recent production version of the roaming client. Recommended channel for most customers.

Auto-update availability will generally follow a gradual rollout that begins 1-2 weeks after a production version is released for new installs. 


The pre-release version of RC is for clients who want to see if future versions address their issues or want to play with future features. Once beta versions have been verified as production-ready, they will be made available via the Production release channel. 

Auto-update availability will begin once a new beta version is available.

Learn more about the Roaming Client release process as well as a list of the most up-to-date versions within the Release Processes documentation.

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