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When you make a DNS query, the response you get is accompanied by a code describing what happened to the query that was made. These DNS return codes also have short names (DNS return messages) attached to them which helps to easily understand what they mean.

DNS return codes mostly describe what happened to your query when it fails. If your query is successful (which is often the case) you will get the RCODE:0 code whose short name is NOERROR. 

DNS return codes for your queries on our network can be seen in the query logs on your site administration dashboard.

Below is a list of the most common DNS return codes you will come across

DNS Return Code DNS Return Message Description
RCODE:0 NOERROR DNS Query completed successfully
RCODE:1 FORMERR DNS Query Format Error
RCODE:2 SERVFAIL Server failed to complete the DNS request
RCODE:3 NXDOMAIN Domain name does not exist
RCODE:4 NOTIMP Function not implemented
RCODE:5 REFUSED The server refused to answer for the query
RCODE:6 YXDOMAIN Name that should not exist, does exist
RCODE:7 XRRSET RRset that should not exist, does exist
RCODE:8 NOTAUTH Server not authoritative for the zone

Name not in zone


For an exhaustive list of DNS return codes, check out the standard list on the IANA website.


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