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With our AppAware feature, you’ll now have insight into the specific applications your users are accessing. While you’ll still have visibility into the full query data, AppAware’s reporting allows you to easily roll up individual domains into an “application” view for a more streamlined view of your DNS data.

AppAware reporting provides organizations with indicators that can be observed and used in taking necessary actions. These insights include: 

  • Top 5 applications based on request
  • Top 5 categories based on request
  • Total number of requests per application
  • The percentage change in requests for an application in comparison to a previous time 
  • ….and many more

AppAware Report Filtering

The reporting section for AppAware can be found by navigating to Reporting > AppAware. Requests can be displayed in this view over a specified period of time by the user. The 'Last 24 hours' is the default timestamp set on the reporting view.

You also get a detailed application view for a breakdown of the application’s requests by users, roaming clients, collection, and sites. An application’s requests can also be filtered into blocked/allowed lists, and you can observe the requests over a time-series graph with controls to adjust the time range.



Application Log

All applications that have been visited by your Site will display here. On the far right next to each application listed, there is a Take Policy Actions button.


This button will allow you to add an application to one specific policy of your choosing directly from the Insights view for any of your organizations. You can also select the Block in all Policies option to add this application to all created policies within that organization if necessary.


Pro tip: Reset your report filtering configurations by clicking on the Reset Filtering icon at the top right corner





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