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What is AppAware?

AppAware allows users to have real-time visibility of application activity on their network, as well as taking immediate and proactive actions to block apps which do not align with their internal policies.

This documentation includes an overview of the functionality of AppAware, as well as the differentiation between applications and ecosystem applications, and what actions occur on the backend for an application to work.


Application Blocking

Blocking an app that can be downloaded is complex. To successfully operate, apps utilize associated domains, which are the foundation that allows content on a website to be translated into a different user experience within the app. AppAware removes the complexity from this action by providing the customer with the necessary associated domains to successfully block an app.

To begin blocking applications, navigate to Policies, then select a policy. From here, select Filtering, then AppAware. 


Blocking by Application

From the AppAware view, Search or Scroll to the desired application you would like to block. When blocking is enabled, the toggle will turn red.

User-uploaded Image

Blocking of the Box application is enabled

Find the full list of applications and categories you can block with AppAware here.

Blocking by Category

Select BLOCK ALL APPS to block ALL applications within a specific category. 

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Blocking of File Sharing category is enabled


Ecosystem Category

Hover over the information tooltip to initiate the text display.

Applications in the Ecosystem Applications category are separated by application ecosystem, as they share associated domains necessary to block an application. As a result, when an ecosystem is blocked, all applications within the ecosystem will be blocked, and the ecosystem will appear in reporting and the query log together.

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Information Tooltip


Block by Ecosystem

When the toggle is engaged, it will notify users of applications within that ecosystem that will be blocked, as seen in the screenshot below.

User-uploaded Image

Popup for Ecosystem applications


Behavior Verification

After an application block is toggled from the AppAware dashboard, if there is an attempt to view the domain(s) affiliated with the particular application, the user will receive a standard block page. 

User-uploaded Image

Block Page received for after Box is blocked.

If the application is already installed on the user's device, then the user will no longer be able to utilize the application. 


Blocking Priority

Applications that are blocked within AppAware will take priority over the following:

The Allow List will take ultimate priority. For example, if the Box application is blocked in AppAware, but is in the allow list, you will be able to access, and the Box application will likely function in some capacity.


Query Log

Now, when you query a domain or access an application that is supported by AppAware, the Query Log will display if a query is associated with an application or an ecosystem category in a new column called AppAware.


Example of queries associated with Zoom when blocked, and both and Zoom app access was attempted.



Example of queries associated with Google Ecosystem.

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