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Scheduled Reports is a DNSFilter feature that makes it possible for users to receive summaries of DNS reports in their emails at scheduled intervals. This interval can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Scheduled reports create an automated feedback channel helping users stay up to date on DNS activities on their network and have greater visibility into how DNSFilter is protecting them from threats and unwanted content.


No matter the distribution frequency, the report will always include the last 30 days.



Watch the video and follow the steps below.

For detailed configuration instructions, see the article on Scheduled Reports Configuration.

Find Scheduled Reports under in Reporting section of the DNSFilter dashboard’s menu.


The following options are available

  • Types of reports you can schedule.
  • A link to follow where you can suggest new types of reports you will like to see made available.
  • A list of already scheduled reports.
    Note that multiple instances of a single report type can be scheduled.


To schedule a report, input the following.

  1. Recipients
  2. Distribution schedule
  3. Report customizations

Once configured, preview the report before confirming the configuration.


Select a report type to get started.

The recipients input allows up to 20 individual email addresses as well as all dashboard users, should you choose. The maximum of 20 email recipients is per client organization for MSPs.



To set distribution frequency, choose one of the schedule interval options (Monthly, Bi-Weekly, and Weekly) on the Configuration page. If you select the bi-weekly or weekly option, you can choose the day of the week you want the report to be distributed.



Below the Schedule section, you can turn on and off different sections of the report.

With the DNS Protection Summary Report, choose to exclude either the threat summary or the content category summary (both included by default).



Before scheduling, this is the time to preview the report that will be distributed.



With just a final click of the button the report is scheduled to distribute to the chosen recipients.

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