Release Process for DNSFilter Roaming Clients

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Enabling the Automatic Updates setting will ensure your roaming client agents are kept up-to-date. 

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Auto-Update Release Process

Platform Release Process

Gradual Release (may vary by release)

Week 1: New release available for new installs
Week 2: Release available for 10% of users
Week 3: Release available for 25% of users
Week 4: Release available for 50% of users
Week 5-6: Release available for 100% of users

Android Released in Google Play Store
iOS Released in App Store


Latest Versions — Windows and macOS RC

Platform Latest Version (new installs) Auto-update Version

1.11.0 (Nov 28, 2023)
Release notes


1.10.3 (90%)

Release notes

1.11.0 (10%) as of Dec 7 2023

Release notes


1.6.2 (Oct 4,2023)

Release notes

1.6.2 (100%)

Release notes


Special Note - Windows RC v1.10.7

Windows RC v1.10.7 was original released for new downloads on October 18, 2023. Subsequently, on October 26, 2023 1.10.7 was released to 10% of auto-update users.

On October 30, 2023 we discovered a bug in 1.10.7 that lead to excessive traffic to the DNSFilter API. We took the following actions:

  1. We removed this version from our dashboard and auto-update channels and restored the previous latest versions, 1.10.5 for new downloads, and 1.10.3 for auto-update.
  2. For those users with 1.10.7 we released a repackaged version of 1.10.3 with the version number 1.10.8 (otherwise identical to 1.10.3) via auto-update to mitigate the excessive API usage. 


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