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Two-factor Authentication (2FA)--also called Multi-factor authentication or Two-step authentication--is a way to secure your DNSFilter account further by requiring more than just a username and password. 2FA set up uses devices capable of generating a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) authentication code, but we recommend Google Authenticator, Authy, 1Passward, or LastPass authenticators. 

DNSFilter offers 2FA enablement on the Account and Organization level. 

Enable account two-factor authentication

Follow these steps to enable 2FA on your DNSFilter account. This process requires access to your chosen 2FA app and mobile phone. 

  1. From the DNSFilter dashboard, click on your Account icon
    a. Select Account

  2. Under Security, click Enable Two-Factor Authentication

  3. Click Set up using an app

Continue following the in-dashboard instruction to enable the two-factor authentication.  

Enable organization two-factor authentication

Administrators can enable 2FA for users from the DNSFilter dashboard. Once enabled, users are prompted to enable 2FA for their account on their next login.  

  1. From the DNSFilter dashboard, click Organization (or MSP)
    a. Select Settings
  2. Toggle Require two-factor authentication on
    a. Users will receive a prompt to enable 2FA when they next login

The user's Two-Factor Auth status will be Pending until they login and complete the 2FA setup.

To check a user's status, Navigate to Organization and select Users.

Reset two-factor authentication

Administrators follow these steps to reset a user's 2FA.

  1. From the DNSFilter dashboard, click Organization (or MSP)
    a. Select Users
  2. Navigate to the user that requested the reset
  3. Select the lock icon under Actions

The user's 2FA is now reset. They'll receive a prompt to re-authorize their 2FA when they next login. 

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