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The Billing page allows you to select subscriptions, view/download/print your invoices, add/update a Credit Card on file for your account, and cancel your account.

Information about DNSFilter’s billing procedures can be found on our Billing page.


Your Subscription

Customers have the ability to select subscription plans for your organization, allowing you to provision accounts in real-time. A table displays your cost for each plan, and the built-in cost calculator will show you the total cost of subscriptions on a per-organization level before purchasing the subscription.

Selecting Subscription Plans

Follow these steps to purchase subscriptions from within your DNSFilter Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Organization > Billing
  2. From the Plan dropdown menu, choose the plan type and enter the organization's total number of users and Wi-Fi access points.
  3. Choose a term and review the calculated total price
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page


Any changes to the subscriptions will be effective immediately upon clicking Save. A new pro-rated invoice will be generated based on changes made.


Customers will find previous invoices within the Dashboard. The invoice amounts and payment statuses can be seen in the list. Customers can also download and print a copy for their records.

Download / Print Invoices

Follow these steps to download or print invoices from within your DNSFilter Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Organization > Billing
  2. Select the Invoices tab at the top
  3. Click on the Download button to download the invoice you're interested in


Billing Management

Customers can manage their billing information and cancel their accounts from the Dashboard.

Payment Method

Follow these steps to add or update your payment method from within your DNSFilter Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Organization > Billing
  2. Select the Manage tab at the top
  3. Click the button under the Payment Method section to Add or update your credit card and provide your payment information.


Cancel Account

If you wish to end your account with us, please consider opening a ticket with support through the top right menu in the dashboard or emailing us at We would love the opportunity to discuss with you any implementation issues or concerns you have with the product.

Otherwise, follow these account cancellation instructions.

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