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Canceling will cease DNS resolution

Note that cancelling your service with DNSFilter will mean that our servers stop answering DNS Requests on your network. End users will experience this as a loss of internet connectivity. Before cancelling your service, your networks should be pointed towards a public resolver such as Cloudflare (, or Google (, in order to have continuity of DNS service.

If you wish to end your account with us, please consider opening a ticket with support through the top right menu in the dashboard or emailing us at We would love the opportunity to discuss with you any implementation issues you have or any concerns you have with the product.


If it is still your desire to end your trial or cancel your active account, you may do so by navigating to the Organization > Billing > Manage menu on the dashboard. There will be a Cancel Account button located at the bottom of this page. You’ll be prompted to provide feedback regarding our services; let us know how we can improve our service, or what features may bring you back in the future.


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