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This guide details common troubleshooting steps and scenarios that may occur when setting up DNSFilter or experiencing issues with filtering.

Connectivity Issues

  • If you receive a message stating “If you’re seeing this page, something is wrong. Please contact your DNS-Based content filtering provider for assistance.” when attempting to browse, then view our article that covers being Not Connected.
  • If your DNS requests are slow in reaching our services, read our High Latency article and send us an MTR trace so that we can make routing adjustments.
  • Potential Comcast issue: 
    • Comcast/Xfinity clients that are using static IP addressing will need to contact their ISP before installation and configuration. This is due to Edge Protection Security, this feature set will block/reject traffic to outside DNS Server’s. This feature can be disabled by Comcast/Xfinity Customer Support, it is also advised that the Modem be placed into pass-thru mode. This can be accomplished by disabling the firewall features, Local IP Network DHCP, and Wi-Fi services.

Filtering Issues

  • If sites are being wrongly allowed on your network, our Sites Wrongly Allowed is helpful in determining the cause of this. In some cases, it could be due to users bypassing your filtering. You can overcome this by Preventing Circumvention and addressing any Software Conflicts.
  • If sites are being blocked that you wish to have allowed on your network, read our Sites Wrongly Blocked article.
  • If you encounter an HTTPS/certificate error when browsing, our HTTPS/SSL Errors page explains why this is happening.
  • If you encounter broken/partially loading websites which you have allowed in your policy, this is most likely due to some content associated with the website being blocked. Our Pages Not Loading article will help you to determine what else needs to be whitelisted.

Security Issues

  • If you have received notification of a high volume of queries, you should read Locating Query Source, which details how to determine which device(s) on your network are the source of high traffic.

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